A Step By Step Guide To Ceramic Coating

A Step By Step Guide To Ceramic Coating

(1) Decontaminate Surface

Use an iron fallout remover, to remove environmental fallout and contaminants that washing can’t remove.

(2) Wash Vehicle

Wash the vehicle with a pH-neutral soap that contains no waxes or additives leaving a clean, wax-free finish.

(3) Correction

Correct the paint either by using a clay bar or compound & polish to ensure the surface is free of defects before proceeding.

Ceramic coatings do not fill in defects they will conform to defects, so the removal of all defects at this stage is very important.

(4) Preparation

Use a panel wipe containing isopropyl alcohol, to remove any residual abrasive debris, dust, solvents, and oils. Saturate the coating applicator with your choice of ceramic coating so that the applicator glides over the paint during application.

If at any point it becomes “grabby”, use more material.

(5) Application

Apply the coating to a small surface area following body lines as a guide and apply using a cross-hatch pattern with 30-50% overlap.

This action allows the coating to fully level and have the same film depth across the entire surface.


Allow the coating to dwell as the solvents flash off for a minimum of 2-5 minutes.

Allow less time in hot environments and more time in cold environments.

(6) Finishing

Finish the surface by using a folded soft microfiber towel. Use the hard edge to gently feather the coating in the same cross-hatch pattern, with minimal pressure.

Increase pressure with each subsequent change in direction until most of the excess material has been removed.


Using a fresh towel buff the coating with sufficient pressure to bring the surface to a high gloss smudge-free shine


If desired, apply an additional coat after allowing the initial coat to cure for 1.5 hours.